BloomsBox unpacked with airpurifying plants
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1-3 Weeks

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10 pc.

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Wood Bio-based material Biodegradable material


Blooms out of the Box

The BloomsBox is a wooden Box in which 3 plants are shipped. The nice thing about the BloomsBox is that you can have your logo engraved on the Box with your company logo or your own slogan or text.

For example, you can wish your relations with the BloomsBox 'a vital start to the year' or 'sustainable growth'. Or thank your colleagues for all their efforts with a 'green oxygen bomb'.

The LARGE (41x13x13 cm) BloomsBox consists of a mix of 3 air-purifying plants. These Air so Pure plants purify the air and increase the humidity.

The wooden box is the shipping packaging, planter and water reservoir in 1. Upon receipt, the plants with your personal message are already in the box. All the recipient has to do is put the plants upright in the box and fill the Box with water.

Thanks to the water reservoir, the plants only need water once every 3 to 5 weeks. The air-purifying plants therefore remain fresh for months, even for people without green fingers. And it lasts much longer than a bunch of flowers.

In the spotlight with your relationships.

A planter can be placed in a visible place such as a counter, desk or at home on the kitchen table. The box therefore stands out well. Exactly what you want to achieve with a promotional gift.


Properties at a glance.


  • A box with your own logo is possible from a minimum order of 10 pieces.
  • Short delivery time; from 3 working days.
  • The wooden box is 41 x 13 x 13 cm.
  • The box is shipping packaging, water reservoir and planter in 1.
  • Content: 3 different air-purifying plants + personal message.


The BloomsBox will contain a mix of 3 Airpurifying plants based on availbility. Below the most used plants


Curly fern


This fern (Nephrolepis in Latin) belongs to the oldest group of plants on earth and is therefore often found as a fossil. Ferns have played an important role in medicine preparation for many centuries. The curly fern is a strongly air-purifying plant that radiates health and tranquility.


Blue Fern


This fern (Phlebodium in Latin) is one of the trendiest green plants of our time. With its beautiful gray-blue color, it is a tropical beauty to behold! In the wild, this plant grows in the treetops of cloud forests and in the Florida swamps. It is a real survivor! A strong fern with a beautiful striking color.


Peace Lily


The spoon plant (Spathiphyllum in Latin) has another bonus besides its beautiful white flowers: it also acts as an air freshener! The Peace Lily is high in the list of air-purifying houseplants, mainly because of its large leaves. Not only does it produce a lot of oxygen with it, it also removes harmful substances such as benzene and formaldehyde from the air.


Product Details

Blooms out of the Box
EAN code
Material information
Pine wood
Wood , Bio-based material , Biodegradable material
420 mm
130 mm
130 mm
Weight (Net)
1400 g
Weight (Gross)
1400 g
Country of Origin
Legal information
Finishing information
Laser engraving of logo's, slogans or text / burnstamp logo
Packaging unit
4 pieces
Delivery information
Order more than 100 Boxes on request
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