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What is the most efficient way to search for products in the Product Finder?

Searching for products in the Product Finder easier as it ever was.

You can either click on one of the product categories at the bottom of the Product Finder Page or you use the white search field. Enter there a search term referring to the product you are looking for. Then press"Enter" or click on "Find".

Both ways lead you to the search results page. There you can take a look at the products or refine the results with the filters in the navigation on the left. Just cklick e.g. on a product group, a colour, a supplier, a certificate etc.

Of course, the system shows you the product details when you click on "Details" and you can send offer requests directly to the Suppliers.

On the detail page, you can also look up the contact details of each Supplier.

You can also save the products that are interesting for you and your customer to a product list and create a selling page for your customer. Further information on this will be published shortly.

Please note: The quality of the search results depends on the data the PSI Supplier Members enter in the Product Finder. If you find product entries that you think are not significant enough, please inform us at Thank you!

I cannot find what I am looking for...

If you cannot find what you are looking for, it might be that your search was too exact.

Generalise the search, i.e. remove some of the filters you may have entered and check if and how the search results got better.

Try different names for the product, e.g. cube or dice, boat or ship etc.

Of course, there is also the possibility that the product you are searching for is not listed in the Product Finder at the moment.

In this case, please contact our Product Sourcing-Team* at

*This service is only available in the corresponding membership categories. Please contact for any further questions.

Please note: The quality of the search results depends on the data the PSI Supplier Members enter in the Product Finder. If you find product entries that you think are not significant enough, please inform us at Thank you!

What are product lists and what can I do with them?

The product lists are extended watch lists that you can use to create your own advertising pages (landing pages) that you can send to your customers as links.

You can create as many as you like in the backend.

For you as a Supplier Member, this function is interesting, for example, to send information about your product innovations to your distributors.

You can also create product lists that are displayed in your Supplier Finder profile.

To create a product list, click on "Account" in the top right-hand corner of the Product Finder and then on "Product list".

This will take you to the backend for the product lists. Then click on "New product list" and select whether you want to create a German-language or English-language product list. Accordingly, the product entries are displayed on the advertising page.

Upload a beautiful image as a key visual and fill in the fields for the internal designation, headline, etc.

You can also enter an individual introductory text for your customers.

If you would like to display this product list in your Supplier Finder profile, please tick the box "Show on detail page?”.

After saving, you can fill the product list. To do this, click on "Add product" to access the Product Finder and search for products for your product list here.

Once you have found one, either click directly on "Add to product list" in the overview or look at the details first and then click on it in the product details page.

You could also spontaneously create new product lists here.

When you have all the products you want on the product list, go back to the backend and click on "To landing page" at the top right. Your own advertising page will open. If you have previously uploaded your company logo under MyPSI, it will be displayed on the landing page, as will your key visual, headline and introductory text. - And of course the products!

You can now send the link to your advertising page to your customers. And your customer can send quotation requests directly to you from the page.

New: Now also as video tutorial:

Why can't I present my products in the Product Finder?

You are registered as a Distributor Member at PSI.

The presenting of products in the Product Finder is only possible for Supplier Members. If you also produce or deliver products that are interesting for distributors of promotional products, you should think about amending or changing your membership. Please contact for any further questions.

What is the Message System?

The Message System is an extension in PSI Product Finder for easy management of quotation and product enquiries.

If a distributor finds an interesting product in the Product Finder, he can - as before - request an offer from the corresponding supplier directly from the Finder. The supplier is notified by e-mail about the receipt of the request, can view it directly in the backend and answer it.

All communication between distributor and supplier can therefore take place directly in the Product Finder. If both parties are online at the same time, even as a chat in real time.

Of course, images and PDF files can also be sent via the Message System.

In this way, the distributor keeps track of the requests for quotations and products he has made. And the supplier can see directly who has requested which product from him.

Various marking options and a filter function provide even more clarity.

The Message System can be processed by several people in a company at the same time, it is currently not bound to individual access data.

Are my contact details automatically transmitted with product enquiries?

Yes, your contact information is automatically transmitted to the supplier when you have sent him a message or product enquiry.

Message System: How can I specify additional addressees?

The Message Center allows PSI Members to communicate via chat. For example, Distributor Members can send quotation requests, which the Supplier Members can answer directly in the system and including attachments.

When a message is sent, the recipient company receives an e-mail with the relevant information and the link to Message Center.

There is a possibility to add additional recipients for these information mails.

The only requirement is that the recipient has access data to the Product Finder (these can be created in the MyPSI area on

Global recipient list in own account, for incoming messages

  1. In the message overview, at the top, to the left of the "New Message" button, there is a small button with a settings icon.
  2. Click this button and then click "Recipient list".
  3. A window opens in which you can specify additional recipient addresses or delete addresses already entered.
  4. The notification e-mails will now be sent to the added recipients and also still to the previously stored general company address.
  5. The global recipient list applies to quotation requests and also to other messages sent via the system.

cc recipient list, for outgoing messages

  1. When starting or in the course of a conversation in the message center, additional recipients for the notification e-mails can be added exclusively to this conversation.
  2. Start a conversation: Click on "New message" in the upper right corner of the message overview. A window will open where you can enter the recipient company and your message. Below the text field you will find the "Add recipient" button. A field will appear where you can enter the desired e-mail address.
  3. During an existing conversation: Within the conversation you will find a small button with a person icon at the top right, next to the "Show contact" button. If you click on it, a window will open where you can enter additional recipient addresses or delete addresses you have already entered.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact the PSI Product Finder team at any time: and +49 211 90191-721

Please note: The use of the Product Finder and all its functions is exclusive for PSI Members.

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